Clients Data Import

by cdeschamps May 11, 2009

Do you want to import and update all your clients easily from your Excel file into PlanningPME?

Save time in client management by importing all your clients data in our planning tool PlanningPME.

You can import your clients from any Excel file into PlanningPME via the menu File -> Import -> Clients.

The Excel file should look like the one below:


Make sure one line represents one client.

Then, save your Excel file as a text file with Tab delimited:


Then, go to the menu File -> Import Clients and select your Txt file with the arrow at the top of the window.

Then, associate the different fields.


Click on the button "Import".

All your clients will then be imported on the menu Data -> Client of PlanningPME.


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Task creation and modification

by cdeschamps May 10, 2009

Tips on PlanningPME: Task Creation and Modification

How to know who created a task and last modified it?

For each task created on the planning, it is possible to know when it was created, by which user and also who last modified it, just pointing the mouse on the text "Access" at the bottom left corner of the task window. This way, task assignment is made easier and clearer.

How to activate this option?

It is just easy: You just need to create some users and activate the users rights while opening PlanningPME from the menu Data -> User.

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Spanish distributor Konoges

by cdeschamps May 9, 2009

A successful collaboration between Target Skills and Distributor Konoges Konoges

Konoges is now the official distributor of the Target Skills products in Spain.


Some of our references using our planning software in Spain are as follows: Tetra Pak, Vicente Rent a Car, Windsurf Fornells, Iberkaba...

Konoges provides the following services:

- Sales of PlanningPME and PlanningPME Web Access

- Training and consultancy on Target Skills planning products

- Installation in remote or on-site


For any information in Spanish, you can contact directly Konoges:

KonoGes, Soluciones y Servicios, SL (NIF - B-97.773.808)
Fax. 96.346.5931


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Successful partnership with our Dutch Distributor

by cdeschamps May 8, 2009

A successful collaboration between Target Skills and PC-Computing

Distributor PC-Computing

Thanks to our partnership with our Dutch distributor PC-Computing, PlanningPME is now used by more than 200 Dutch Clients.

Some of our references using our planning software are as follows: Atos Origin, T-Mobile etc...

PC-Computing provides the following services:

- Sales of PlanningPME and PlanningPME Web Access

- Training and consultancy on Target Skills planning products

- Installation in remote or on-site

- Documentation in Dutch available on their website

For any information in Dutch, you can contact directly our software reseller  PC-Computing:

PC-Computing BV
De Bergkamp 24
5825 AG Overloon

Phone : +31 (0)478 642422
Fax : +31 (0)478 649015
Email :

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Value Added Reseller

by cdeschamps May 7, 2009

Join our partners network and become a value added reseller!

Nowadays, PlanningPME is used by more than 1500 clients from different sectors of activity such as:

Administration: Town Hall, Associations, Chamber of commerce, Hospitals…

Industry:  Equipment manufacturing, Machines trading, Automobile…

Energy & buildings: Electricity, Chemistry, Heating, …

Services:  Training centers, Health institutes, Translation centers, Insurance companies…

Here are the different planning needs identified:

- Time tracking
- Days off management
- Appointments management
- Management of interventions and technicians
- Rooms and Equipments booking
- Trainings management
- Projects management

If you are an integrator or a value added reseller specialised in one particular sector of activity, join our partners network.

Contact us and we will give you all the information about our value added reseller program.


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Network Management Software

by cdeschamps May 6, 2009

Share the information with your colleagues thanks to a good network management scheduling software

You can network the program PlanningPME in order to share the information on real time. Any modifications will appear on your planning board on real time.

The number of users is not limited. For a better and faster connection, SQL Server, MySQL or Oracle will work better than MS Access.

1- Network the management software PlanningPME

You just need to save the database on your network or on a shared folder.

Then, to know more about the way to install PlanningPME on your network, have a look at this installation page.

Network management software

2- Benefits of a networked software

-> Have access to real time scheduling

-> Save time

-> Improve your productivity

-> Avoid double booking mistakes

Weekly schedule

by cdeschamps May 5, 2009

The scheduling software PlanningPME allows you to display a weekly schedule:

weekly schedule

You can also display a planning schedule on 5 days if you do not want to see the week end and have a better view of your planning:

weekly schedule on 5 days

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Daily Schedule

by cdeschamps May 4, 2009

The scheduling software PlanningPME allows you to display a daily schedule:

Daily schedule


You can also have the view of the tasks and / or clients planning schedule:

Clients Daily schedule


Skills management

by cdeschamps May 3, 2009

Find out skilled resources easily to complete a job!

Create and assign skills to your resources and to your tasks depending on the job to do.
Find out the right resource for the right task thanks to our planning tool PlanningPME.

1- How to set up your skills

First, create specific skills to your sector and/or profession from the menu “Data” -> “Skill" of your scheduling software PlanningPME.

Skills management settings

2- How to assign skills to your resources ?

You can assign skills to your resources in just some clicks. Open the card of a resource and go to the tab "Skills".

Click on the button "Assign skills" at the bottom of this window.

Skills management resources

3- Skills filter

Then, manage the skills of your resources easily filtering the planning:

Skills management filter

4- Search for available skilled resources

Search for skilled resources in just some clicks via this search window:

Skills management search

Human Resources management becomes clearer with Planning PME !

Read more about skills management:

- PDF on Skills management

- Example of training planning



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Excel planning

by cdeschamps May 2, 2009

Change your Excel planning for a good planning software!

Your Excel planning looks like this and you would like to change it?

Excel planning

Cancelling or postponing your appointments take a lot of time and you would like to check easily the availability of your resources?

 From Excel to Planning PME

Then, try our easy-to-use and visual planning software PlanningPME:

Planning Overview

Have access to a lot of features as: 

- Organize your activity
- Share the schedule on the network

- Publish the planning on HTML pages for visualization
- Manage Days Off and unavailabilities
- Create several schedules and edit Excel reports

- Choose your languages:
French, English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Polish, Hungarian…


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Become our partner

by pkilo May 1, 2009

Become our partner

Target Skills, software editor has more than 1 800 customers worldwide.

The user-friendly interface makes PlanningPME a pleasant and easy-to-use planning tool: Nowadays, PlanningPME Tool is adapted to many companies from many different sectors of activities and sizes.

Different types of schedules: Time tracking, Days off management, Meeting and appointment, Rooms booking, Maintenance, Trainings …

Different activities: Energy, Administration, Workshop, Training centers, Drugstores, Public Institutes, Industrial maintenance, Renting, Transport, Chemistry…


Some references: Segafredo, DELL, Tetra Pak, SPEEDY, AGFA, Mercedes, Scania, Merck…

PlanningPME is sold worldwide: Mainly in Europe (France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland…) but also in America, Canada, Australia, Asia…

Therefore we are still looking for partners to resell our products. 


Do not hesitate and take contact with us to have futher information and become our software reseller.



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