Happy new year 2011

by cdeschamps January 3, 2011



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Tasks and users tracking improved

by cdeschamps November 30, 2010

From the many new features of our new version 404, Target Skills has now developed:

 Tasks and users tracking 

 1- Here is an overview:

Tasks tracking



2- You can learn how to use this new feature directly via this video below:


3- Finally, you can also read our full documentation for this feature here, Chapter II:



5- If you are interested, we can give you on online demo of this feature and you can always contact us: +33 (0)1 69 47 10 00 or your local partner: http://www.planningpme.com/partners.htm


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Tasks templates and Gantt chart

by cdeschamps November 23, 2010

From the many new features of our new version 404, Target Skills has now developed:

 Tasks templates - Gantt Chart


 1- Here is an overview:


2- You can learn how to use this new feature directly via this video below:



3- Rename the words "Template" and "Production" using your own business language

From the menu Tools -> Language, you can rename those two words:

Rename Template and production


4- Finally, you can also read our full documentation for this feature here:



If you are interested, we can give you on online demo of this feature and you can always contact us: +33 (0)1 69 47 10 00 or your local partner: http://www.planningpme.com/partners.htm

Installation on Windows 64 bits

by cdeschamps November 9, 2010

PlanningPME can run on Windows 64 bits but you will just need to make some changes on the registry.

 Follow the procedure below:

 - Go to the menu Start -> Run

- Type "Regedit"

- Go to the folder HKEY LOCAL MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> wow6432node and create the folders: Target Skills -> PlanningPME

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\wow6432node\Target Skills\PlanningPME]

Then, create the new string value named "base" and specify the location of your database.

By default, the database should be located here:

C:\Program Files\Target Skills\PlanningPME\PlanningPME.pp

Then, the installation of PlanningPME should work properly.

Feel free to contact our support team for any questions: +33 (0)1 69 47 10 00

Read more about technical issues:

- Update PlanningPME easily

- Error: The conversion of a char data type...

- More technical issues


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Documentation on reports, statistics, users rights and more

by cdeschamps October 5, 2010

As written in our previous post, our documentation on our resource scheduling software PlanningPME is now updated.

Here is the description of our individual functions cards from card 8 with additional fields creation to card 16.

Card 8: Creation of specific fields

You can create customised fields in order to adapt our software to your activity. Additional fields can be added on the resources, clients, tasks and/or projects.

Card 9: Different printing possibilities

You can print one day, one week or more. You also have a report per employee or a report for an entire department. Track also the number of days off taken by your employee each year.

Card 10: Statistics and excel reports

Once your scheduling done, you can have really precise reports on days and hours worked by your employees. On a regular basis, you can update your reports in just some clicks and know wether your resources were productive or not.

Card 11: Search for the availability or your resources or for your tasks

Find the right person for the right job via the search for availability function. Also, easily search for your previous or past tasks on your busy planning board.

Card 12: Users rights

Limit the access to the different users depending on their function and skills. Decide wether the users can addd modify or delete fields as resources, tasks and clients.

Card 13: Visualisation on HTML Pages

Send your schedule for visualisation in order your colleagues to view the schedule without making any changes on it. Read how to use our visalisation planning tool PlanningPMEHTML.

Card 14: Integration with PlanningPME

You can import some data as clients on PlanningPME. Also, via some tools as our COM object, data synchronisation with external application.

Card 15: Alarms and Outlook synchronisation

Synchronise your tasks and appointments to Outlook. Activate some alarms in order to remind you of some particular tasks.

Card 16: Language and dates settings

You can change the language and switch to French, Spanish or others. It allows you and your worldwide colleague to use one same tool and communicate better.


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Documentation updated

by cdeschamps September 23, 2010

Our manual and individual functions cards are now updated with the last updates of version 4.0.3. Wether you need to manage your employees, clients or projects, all you need to know is now available.

 You can have access to all our documentation here: http://www.planningpme.com/documentation.htm

If ever you do not feel like reading all 300 pages of our user guide, you can read only specific topics. You will find below a brief description of each card:

Card 1: Resources Management

You can create as many human and material resources as you want. For each resource, you can specify a different profile, a contract and assign them skills. Also, learn how to optimise the schedule thanks to the resource of the type "To Plan".

Card 2: Tasks management

Learn how to create tasks for one or several resources. You can also customise the fields and colors displayed on the screen, lock your tasks, have a tracking for each task and know who created it and modified it.

Card 3: Options that you can activate within the tasks window

More options are also available while creating a task. You can activate the tasks dependencies, activate clients management. You can also have the percentage of assignment displayed or also a reminder.

Card 4: Skills management

You can add your own skills and assign them to resouces. Then, you find search for skilled resources to complete a job.

Card 5: Clients management

Import your list of clients and assign a client to a job. Have also access to the client view and diplay tasks for specific clients.

Card 6: Vacations and unavailabilities

Track days off of your employees and visualize at a glance who is not in the office. Manage also public holidays.

Card 7: All filters available

Lots of filters can be used in order to display only precise information: display only resources that complete one particular job, change the view and display your appointments on a map, visualise all your clients, projects.

 Read more about our functions cards 8 to 16 on our next post.

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New version PlanningPME Web Access

by cdeschamps August 27, 2010

Expected for some times now, the new version of PlanningPME Web Access will be available on Monday, the 30th of August.

From the new features, this version 2.0 now have a cache server. 

What is a cache Server?*

"A cache server is a dedicated network server or service acting as a server that saves Web pages or other Internet content locally. By placing previously requested information in temporary storage, or cache, a cache server both speeds up access to data and reduces demand on an enterprise's bandwidth. Cache servers also allow users to access content offline, including rich media files or other documents. A cache server is sometimes called a "cache engine." 

So, the load speed should be  much faster and the information on the schedule will be updated automatically on real time without any action requested from your side.


* Definition extracted from http://whatis.techtarget.com/definition/0,,sid9_gci211731,00.html 

Demo request

by cdeschamps August 18, 2010

Although PlanningPME is an easy-to-use scheduling program, lots of features could help you improve your schedule organisation.

So, stop wasting your time and ask for a free personalised demonstration online with one of our product specialist clicking on this picture below:

This demonstration will last only 30 minutes and you will know immediately wether our products can suit your requirements or not.

 Note that our products can be used for different needs such as:

- Office scheduling

- Rooms scheduling

- Project management

- And more





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Departments creation with users rights activated

by cdeschamps June 28, 2010

When users rights are activated, we advise you to be careful while creating new departments.

Indeed, you could be surprised loosing access to some departments if you are not aware of the way PlanningPME behave.

So, if you created a new department and then, while opening the planning, you do not have access to any departments or you lost the departments "All resources, human resources and material resources", this post is for you! Read it carefully!

 Let's take the example of the user Mary below who have reading access to all departments but have writing access to the Marketing department only.

Users rights

 So, when opening the planning, she can visualise all departments but can only modify her own department:

 Access to all departments

 Department creation

Now, she creates a new department on the planning that we will name "TEST":


 What is then happening on the planning board?

As you can notice below, she now have access to a reduced list of departments: Departments "All resources, human resources and material resources" disappeared from the drop down department menu:

departments listing


Because by default, on the users rights settings, the new department created will not be selected which means that Mary now do not have access to all departments!


How to give access to all departments to my users?

You need to check the new department created on all users profile (Menu Data -> User). This setting can take some time if you created a lot of users!

How to avoid this setting problem in the future?

Only advanced users should be allowed to have the possibility to create a new department when users rights are activated!

So, we advise you to create a group (Menu Data -> Group) who do not have the right to add departments:



To know more about users management:

- users rights documentation

- other documentation

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by cdeschamps June 15, 2010

PlanningPME is improved on a regular basis from our clients requests. 

Read our newsletters to be aware of those improvements.


June 2010: Display the Agenda View of your planning

April 2010: Your schedule on your mobile phone

March 2010: Synchronise your tasks to Outlook via PlanningPME Viewer

February 2010: New product PlanningPME Viewer

January 2010 :  Happy New Year 2010, Speed up performances of your planning, Search for availability button, Improve your tasks management

December 2009: Week Number 53 or not? , End of the support on old versions, Visualise the appointments on your resources on a map!

November 2009:  PlanningPME on YouTube! , Update PlanningPME easily, Mange skills


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Agenda View

by cdeschamps May 27, 2010

In addition to the already existing views (resources, tasks, clients, projects, map), Target Skills now has developed the “Agenda View”. Watch our video below to know more:


You can now display precisely the different jobs allocated to your resources.

On the Agenda View, you have the choice between three types of view: daily, weekly and monthly.

You can make a selection of the resources you want to display with the “resources” filter.
From the menu Tools -> Options -> Agenda View you can select different parameters:

-Column width: Select the size of the resource column.
-Time Scale: Select the precision of the display.

-See minutes on the time scale: Select whether you want to see the minutes displayed or not.

Do not hesitate to download PlanningPME trial version or contact us to have the last update of PlanningPME.

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Evolutions version 4.0.3.

by cdeschamps April 29, 2010

As always, from our clients requests, new features are developed in order PlanningPME to suit your requirements better.

Save time with all those new features: 

  Agenda View: New views like in Outlook calendar.
Display of the planning improved New icons, new drop down list to change the view

Filter of the planning by resource: A new filter allows you to filter the planning per resource

Number of visible lines on the planning board From the menu Depuis le menu Tools -> Options -> View, select the number of lines you want to display on the screen. This setting is now customised per user.

List View: New view with the listing of all your tasks on the period of time displayed.

 Evolutions PlanningPME: www.planningpme.com/evolutionsppme.htm

 And also...


PlanningPME Web Access was also improved with our new feature Mobile Phone: http://www.planningpme.com/mobile-phone.htm 


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PlanningPME Server Version

by cdeschamps March 17, 2010

Requested by our clients and partners, Target Skills is pleased to present a version adapted to Citrix server and Terminal Server (TSE)

PlanningPME Server Version

For our clients on Terminal Server or Citrix, we highly advise you to take profit of this new version:

- Better response time

- Graphical improvement

- Better navigation in the planning

Contact Target Skills in order to update your version with this new one if you are on Citrix or Terminal server.

 NB: From the 1st of May 2010, only PlanningPME Server Version will be compatible with your licences PlanningPME installed on Citrix or terminal Server.

Synchronise your tasks to Outlook via PlanningPME Viewer

by cdeschamps March 5, 2010

Synchronize your tasks from PlanningPME to Outlook

 via PlanningPME Viewer

As requested by a lot of clients, we now have a new product PlanningPME Viewer.
The difference between PlanningPME licences is that the user do not have any modifications permissions on the planning and the licence is much cheaper.
But viewer users have access to the same interface and all the filters available in PlanningPME.

You will find on our website a video and some more information. http://www.planningpme.com/planning-pme-viewer.htm

One of the big advantage is that your employees can synchronize their tasks with Outlook!!!!
The synchronisation is one way: from PlanningPME to Outlook. So, they can not change anything on the planning.

Prices start from 99€ and decrease with the number of licences.
For example:
1 licence PlanningPME Viewer: 99€
5 licences PlanningPME Viewer: 455€
10 licences PlanningPME Viewer: 871€

 Follow this link to make your own quote.


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New product PlanningPME Viewer coming soon

by cdeschamps February 2, 2010

As requested by our clients and partners since a long time, we will soon have a new product:

PlanningPME Viewer

PlanningPME Viewer allows your employees to have access to the schedule from their workstation. They can not make any modifications on the planning but have access to the last updated planning on real time.

Have a look at this video to know more about our new product:

How much does it cost?

Prices start from 99€ with decreasing prices depending on the amount of licences you purchase.

What is the difference between PlanningPME Viewer and PlanningPMEHTML?

PlanningPME Viewer allows you to have access to the planning on real time. You will need one licence for each user visualising the planning from their workstation.

PlanningPMEHTML is one licence for all the company and creates static pages that are updated at recurrent time each day.

PlanningPME Viewer gives you more possibility as you have access to the filters, to the search function, printing options etc...


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Count extra time

by cdeschamps January 21, 2010

PlanningPME is constantly improved thanks to our clients suggestions.

As time tracking is really important for any company and in order to suit all kind of business, a new function has been added: You can now count extra hours when your employees work over the week end or on public holidays.

First activate the option from the menu Tools -> Options -> User:


Illustration of this function via an example:

If the option is not activated, the software do not count time even if Paul work on Saturday:

If the option is activated, the software will count 8 hour on saturday.

So, wether you want to count hours during special days as week-end and public holidays, you can adpat the software and have correct time reports.

For business as hospitals, industries, this function can be useful.

Read this post in order to know more about workload management.

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Happy New Year 2010

by cdeschamps January 4, 2010

Best wishes from Target Skills

for a Merry Christmas

and a Happy New Year 2010



Schedule easily


Tel: +33 (0)1 69 47 10 00

Fax: +33 (0)1 69 47 11 81


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Create and shift a task easily

by cdeschamps December 14, 2009

Learn how to create a task in just some clicks!

Within our planning application, you can create a task just easily and also modify it easily.

Have a look at this video that shows the basics of task creation:

Read more about tasks management

As always, you can contact us to have a free demo online and you can also watch more videos.

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End of the support on old versions

by cdeschamps December 1, 2009


Information for our clients: End of the  support on old versions PlanningPME

With the arrival of Windows Vista and Windows 7, our IT department must put in place important modifications on the structure of the software PlanningPME.

For this reason, from the 1st of January 2010, versions older than version 4.0.0.  will not be supported anymore.

Our team is at your disposal at this number: +33 (0)1 69 47 10 00 or via this form to give you any information on the updates of the software PlanningPME.

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Update PlanningPME Web Access

by cdeschamps November 23, 2009

Our web application now have more powerful features.

Have a look at the list of the new features below:

- Assign only one task at the same time to a resource.

Option to activate or deactivate from the menu OpTions -> Task -> "Assign one task to a resource at the same time"

Then, if you try to assign several task to a resource, you will have this message:

That way, you avoid double booking mistakes.

 - The speed is now increased: 30% performances

Save time making your booking on the planning faster!


- Select your own filters

Select the filters you want to display on the planning board from the menu Parameters -> Filters

- Week number: week 52 or week 53 as the last week of the year 2009

Tell us how you use the weeks number in PlanningPME and we will adapt the numbering on your planning.