Check box Department in the Pivot Table

by cdeschamps September 9, 2009

What is the check box "Department" in PlanningPME used for while creating reports via Pivot Table?

From the menu Tools -> Pivot Table, you can make some precised reports and export data from PlanningPME to Excel.

You can have the number of hours worked per month per resource or have any kind of statistics on your projects, tasks and/or employees vacation.

Now, you noticed the box "Department" on the Pivot Table window.

When should you use it?

You should tick on this box when you want to make statistics on your departments and that your resources are allocated to more than one department.

Let's take an example.

In the example below, Paul and Mary are part of 2 departments: S1 and S2.

Here are the settings used for this demo:

If we do not check the box "Department" the results are not correct:

The departments are not displayed correctly.

If we check the box "Department" the results are correct:


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