PlanningPME WebAccess Tips

by tgarnier July 21, 2009

PlanningPME WebAccess Tips

In this section, discover some tips about PlanningPME Web Access. If you feel some difficulties with our software and you may not have the time to give us a call, here you will find some solutions about the use of PlanningPME Web Access.


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Planning Web

by tgarnier July 20, 2009

Planning Web

Target Skills released a new stand alone tool: PlanningPME WebAccess. Keeping in touch with PlanningPME's style, this web application provides a useful tool to keep your planning and your resources anywhere. You just need an internet connection ! 

With PlanningPME WebAccess, you can easily create your tasks and define your priorities when you have a moment. And you can always be updated about the changes on the planning.

The visual aspect of this tool still aims to precision and clearness without being ugly and demotivating. Take a look at it:


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PlanningPME Web Access

by cdeschamps January 19, 2009

Looking for a web based application to manage the schedule of your employees?

With PlanningPME Web Access, you can have access to your schedule from anywhere at any time. No need to install anything on your workstation. 


Benefit from those features:


- Schedule appointments at a glance

- Have access to your planning with a login and a password

- Share the information with all your employees on the planning web

- Also find some PlanningPME WebAccess Tips

You can have a trial of our web application. Just contact us and your personal access will be activated shortly.