Tasks templates and Gantt chart

by cdeschamps November 23, 2010

From the many new features of our new version 404, Target Skills has now developed:

 Tasks templates - Gantt Chart


 1- Here is an overview:


2- You can learn how to use this new feature directly via this video below:



3- Rename the words "Template" and "Production" using your own business language

From the menu Tools -> Language, you can rename those two words:

Rename Template and production


4- Finally, you can also read our full documentation for this feature here:



If you are interested, we can give you on online demo of this feature and you can always contact us: +33 (0)1 69 47 10 00 or your local partner: http://www.planningpme.com/partners.htm

Schedule your projects easily

by cdeschamps March 23, 2009

With PlanningPME, office project management has never been easier!

You can schedule your projects easily and in just some clicks.

1- Create your projects at a glance


2- Filter your planning by Project

3- Display the Project View

4- Link your tasks



And much more to discover reading the related function card: Project Management