Force tasks creation

by cdeschamps October 20, 2009

You can now force the creation of a task

even if the resource is already busy

Watch our video:

Description of this feature:

If you try to assign a task to a resource that is already busy, you will have this kind of message below.

If you press “Force Assignment”, the task will be created and you will have two tasks on the planning as shown below:

Otherwise, the task will not be created.

NB: If you are already a client and that you are using the users rights, this feature will not be activated by default so that the users will not have this permission.  To activate it, go to the menu Data -> Group and tick on the box “Force assignment”.

Want to know more about PlanningPME releases?

Have a look at the evolutions of PlanningPME, version 4.0.3.


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Project management software

by pkilo April 16, 2009

You need a tool to schedule your projects. It must be easy to use but at the same time powerful...

Do not hesitate and try the free trial version of our Project management Software PlanningPME !

You can in just one clic find qualified resources for specific projects.

You can even download a predifine example to give you a hint of the advantages of using PlanningPME!










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