Registration by file of your licences PlanningPME

by cdeschamps March 26, 2009


Registration by file of your licences PlanningPME

You do not have an Internet connexion on your computer.

Target Skills will then send you a file to register your software licences.

Preveviously, you will need to give us the exact name of your computers.

You can have it from the menu ? -> About PlanningPME.

The name of your computer is underlined in blue as shown below.

This registration by file requires two steps:

. Step 1: Pre recording of the software

From PlanningPME, on each workstation, go to the menu « File » -> « Identification ». 


Enter your login and password provided by Target Skills.


Then, go to the menu « File » -> « Registration by file».


Select the file "PlanningPME.ts" provided by Target Skills.

A window tells you that your licence has been PRE registered.

You are then limited to 200 uses.

. Step 2: Final registration of your licences

At the receipt of your payment, we will send you a ".ts" file to give you unlimited access to PlanningPME. From each workstation, you will just need to go to  « File » -> « Registration by file» once more to register your licence definitely. You  will get this message "The licence has been registered".


NB: The login and the password are the same to register all your additional licences.

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