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by pkilo May 1, 2009

Become our partner

Target Skills, software editor has more than 1 800 customers worldwide.

The user-friendly interface makes PlanningPME a pleasant and easy-to-use planning tool: Nowadays, PlanningPME Tool is adapted to many companies from many different sectors of activities and sizes.

Different types of schedules: Time tracking, Days off management, Meeting and appointment, Rooms booking, Maintenance, Trainings …

Different activities: Energy, Administration, Workshop, Training centers, Drugstores, Public Institutes, Industrial maintenance, Renting, Transport, Chemistry…


Some references: Segafredo, DELL, Tetra Pak, SPEEDY, AGFA, Mercedes, Scania, Merck…

PlanningPME is sold worldwide: Mainly in Europe (France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland…) but also in America, Canada, Australia, Asia…

Therefore we are still looking for partners to resell our products. 


Do not hesitate and take contact with us to have futher information and become our software reseller.



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