Skills management

by cdeschamps May 3, 2009

Find out skilled resources easily to complete a job!

Create and assign skills to your resources and to your tasks depending on the job to do.
Find out the right resource for the right task thanks to our planning tool PlanningPME.

1- How to set up your skills

First, create specific skills to your sector and/or profession from the menu “Data” -> “Skill" of your scheduling software PlanningPME.

Skills management settings

2- How to assign skills to your resources ?

You can assign skills to your resources in just some clicks. Open the card of a resource and go to the tab "Skills".

Click on the button "Assign skills" at the bottom of this window.

Skills management resources

3- Skills filter

Then, manage the skills of your resources easily filtering the planning:

Skills management filter

4- Search for available skilled resources

Search for skilled resources in just some clicks via this search window:

Skills management search

Human Resources management becomes clearer with Planning PME !

Read more about skills management:

- PDF on Skills management

- Example of training planning



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