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Newsletter PlanningPME - December 2009
Today, in the news...
In order to adapt to all countries and businesses, Target Skills developed an option
in order to select wether the last week year 2009 is week 52 or 53
Have a look at the video to know more.

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End of the support on old versions Release PlanningPME Web Access
If you have a version older than version 4.0.0, we invite you to update your version becuase Target Skills will not provide any more support on those versions.
We now have a new web version with a speed increased of 30%. Also, decide wether you need week 53 as for PlanningPME.
Visualise the appointments on your resources on a map!
In addition to the resource, task, client and project view, you now have a map view! Switch to the map view in order to see where your employees are located on a map. Find the accurate resource easily.


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