Autocompletion / Intuitive typing

Tutorial PlanningPME Web Access

Intuitive typing

Select a client or a project easily typing only the first letters of the label

1 - What is "Autocompletion" ?

Autocompletion is a feature that allows PlanningPME Web Access to predict and suggest a list of words only with the 2 first letters that the user wants to type in without the user actually typing it in its entirety.

2 - How can I activate "Autocompletion" in PlanningPME Web Access?

Autocompletion is now activated by default. Autocompletion is now included on all drop down list while creating a task in order to save time. This option is useful when you have a long list of clients and/or projects: you will then have an intuitive "typing zone" instead of a long painful drop down list.
The number of loaded labels on the drop down list can be changed by the Admin if needed.

3 - Visualisation of this option