PlanningPME - NovaTime

Time management coordinated with PlanningPME

Import unavailabilities into PlanningPME

NovaTime is a time management system that enables booking of time slots for employees on construction sites or on machinery, as well as easily managing employee absences. And of course the client also needs to have access to those absences in PlanningPME. It is just impossible to manage human resource timetables if they are not available.

In order to avoid double workload by entering this information in two different software, our German partner, Dengel IT Solutions®, has developed a connexion between PlanningPME and NovaTime that allows to import into PlanningPME absences that have already been entered into NovaTime. This interface is already integrated and works perfectly well. Therefore, we can wholeheartedly recommend the use of NovaTime in association with PlanningPME to improve time management.

Example of use: