Auto-completion/intuitive data entry

Tutorial PlanningPME Web Access

Select a client by typing the first few letters of the name in the search field

1 - What is "Autocompletion" ?

Intuitive data entry is a function in PlanningPME Web Access whereby a list of suggested results is presented after having entered the first two letters of the word without the need to enter the full word.

2 - How can I activate "Autocompletion" in PlanningPME Web Access?

Autocompletion is now activated by default. Intuitive data entry is available in all the drop-down menus when creating a task This is a very helpful option when you have a long list of clients or projects - you have a simple data entry zone instead of having to consult a long list of names.
The number of loaded labels on the drop down list can be changed by the Admin if needed.

3 - Visualisation of this option