PlanningPME Viewer - Licence of visualization

A planning and scheduling software adapted to your requirements

Simultaneous visualization of your collaborators schedules
Customise the display of your plannings
Type of visualization : daily, weekly, monthly…
Visualise your planning on real-time
Follow up and print your employees hours
Task search

Global overview of the activity

You can visualise tasks and appointments from half a day to several years.Visualise information on resources, clients.

Weekly schedule


Different views are at your disposal. You can choose to display the planning of: Resources (human/material), Customers, Tasks or Projects.

Scheduling Software - Filters


With the license of visualization, search for tasks from keywords, clients name…

Search for tasks on the schedule


Moreover, have access to different printing options, in particular:

Graphic planning (similar to what you see on the screen)

Leaves report

Clients planning

Schedule printings


Choose your language:
French, English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish

Choice of the language

NB: PlanningPME Viewer is not compatible with the operating systems Windows Server