PlanningPME Viewer - Licence of visualization

A planning and scheduling software adapted to your requirements

Simultaneous visualization of your collaborators schedules
Customise the display of your plannings
Type of visualization : daily, weekly, monthly…
Visualise your planning on real-time
Follow up and print your employees hours
Task search

Global overview of the activity

You can visualise tasks and appointments from half a day to several years.Visualise information on resources, clients.

Visualisation monthly planning


Different views are at your disposal. You can choose to display the planning of: Resources (human/material), Customers, Tasks or Projects.

Visualisation clients planning


With the license of visualization, search for tasks from keywords, clients name…

Search for tasks on the schedule


Moreover, have access to different printing options, in particular:

Graphic planning (similar to what you see on the screen)

Leaves report

Clients planning

Schedule printings


Choose your language:
French, English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish

Choice of the language

NB: PlanningPME Viewer is not compatible with the operating systems Windows Server