Help Online

Need a demonstration online?

We deliver On-Demand Remote Support to our Customers Anywhere and Anytime This service is reserved to our leads.

A question on PlanningPME?

From our workstation, we can have access to your planning via remote.
So, you will have a fast and detailed response. This service is reserved to our clients who subscribed the support contract GOLD.

Need a complete training?

Via this application, we can provide online trainings or "e-learning". Moreover, our consultant can help you while implementing the tool. Faster and cost-reduced, you can use PlanningPME…easily! The connection can not be performed without your agreement.


256-bit AES encryption and strict security measures protect against unauthorized access to your data, programs and systems. In addition, Inquiero does not require you to open ports, change your network or firewall configuration or modify NAT tables.