BEST-TOPO's success story

How to optimize the calendar of the appointments and interventions on the building sites?

BEST-TOPO's success story

Company Overview

The BEST-TOPO company is an office of surveyors established in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. Seventeen people work in the company, they are mainly surveyors, topographers and draftsmen. We realize for our customers, all the services related to the topography and the delimitation of the land properties (the equivalent of an office of surveyors-experts in France).

Topography and demarcation
Schedule uses:
leave management, worksite planning, park management, schedule of appointments, schedule of interventions

Our scheduling needs

Our problem before using PlanningPME, was the distribution of the topographic material between the different people likely to go out on ground. Indeed, of the 17 people working in the company, 11 share their time between the field and the office and we have 6 complete field equipment. Correct and accurate information about who is outside and with what material is therefore essential to the proper functioning of our company and to allow us to schedule appointments and interventions with our customers.

The ideal schedule for manage teams and projects

Since we have been using PlanningPME more than two years ago, it has quickly become indispensable. We now have a complete view of our teams and construction equipment in real time and over several weeks.