RSM Secovec's success story

How to optimize the management of the agenda of customer missions and the audits carried out by your accounting firm?

RSM Secovec's success story

Company Overview

Our accounting and auditing firm has built a complete service offer around financial information: Account production, acquisition audit, accounting and financial security, social law consulting, reporting, etc. We implement methodologies allowing us to support a small clientele, groups of SMEs and up to the very large company all over France and abroad through our networks RSM France and RSM International. We pay special attention to the training of our employees and their ability to adapt to best meet the needs of our customers.

Audit, Consulting and Accounting
Schedule uses:
Leave management, training planning, intervention management, staff planning

Our scheduling needs

Our audit and accounting activity is an activity with a strong seasonality. Our challenge was to find a way to build load plans per team and help us manage our budget.

Management of the provisional planning and customer appointments

PlanningPME is first used in provisional schedule . In July each team enters the various missions planned on each client with a provisional date of intervention.
- 1st use: this database is exported and integrated into an Excel file that will be updated every month with the real times per customer from our internal billing software. This allows us to manage a forecast compared to a realized one.
- 2nd use: for our audit activity, the database continues to live and allows view interventions planned and re-plan as needed.