Jysk Display's success story

Facilitate the follow-up of the progress of your customer projects from the first sketch to the construction on site


Company Overview

Jysk Display is Northern Europe’s largest supplier of trade show stands, showrooms and exhibitions, with great experience within interior design as well. We are established in 1970 in Viborg, Denmark. Our company is a great combination of an advertising/design agency, an architectural firm, a manufacturing company, a construction company and a storage hotel. We execute more than 600 worldwide projects each year, and more than 90% of all projects are executed abroad. We have our own manufacturing facilities in Viborg, Denmark, which gives us full value chain control.

Manufacture of exhibition stands
Schedule uses:
project planning, schedule installations

Our scheduling needs

We are a large project orientated organization and thus we need a flexible tool that helps us to monitor each separate project throughout the entire process from first sketch to build up on site. Our process is split into different stages, and different stakeholders need to be able to follow the project through the organization.

Monitor the progress of exhibition stand construction sites

For us Planning PME is a crucial tool. We can add information to the project as the process is running, and we are able to plan ahead, while making the organization aware of incoming projects, as well as giving the information required to the next employee, involved in the process.