Fleur de Peau Esthétique's success story

Optimize the scheduling of appointments of your medical aesthetic institute

Fleur de Peau Esthétique's success story

Company Overview

Fleur de peau is a medico-aesthetic institute. We offer classic beauty treatments and anti-aging and anti-cellulite technology treatments Alexandrite Laser, Nd Laser: Yag Laser, Affirm Laser, Smoothshapes Laser, Unipolar Radio Frequency, Skin Remodeling System, LED Photobiostimulation. We have patented our programs, so on consultation, we are able to provide you with answers tailored to your needs (wrinkles, sagging, stains, redness of the skin ...).

Schedule uses:
schedule management, staff planning, appointment management, training management, leave management

Our scheduling needs

We were looking for a scheduling tool to improve appointments management, as well as employee schedules.

Easily schedule customer appointments to deliver quality service

We have a breakdown of resources and hours per day and we have codified our various activities of our institute by colors in order to better manage the appointments with our customers .