Kannegiesser's success story

Coordinating the scheduling of your technical and sales teams worldwide


Company Overview

Herbert Kannegiesser GmbH is a family company with 70 yearsí experience in building machines and installations that is showing consistent growth. Kannegieser, in its role as a technological partner and innovation leader, has a worldwide network and supplies its customers with complete solutions for industrial laundry technology.
Innovatory technology coupled with a wide range of service modules mean that Kannegiesser can guarantee maximum hygiene, availability and productivity to textile service providers.
Today, Kannegiesser has 1,800 employees in 54 countries worldwide.
Development and production are carried out with high levels of vertical integration on 8 sites - 6 in Germany, 1 in Great Britain and 1 in the USA.

Schedule uses:
Scheduling of work sites, Leave, Training, staff and meeting scheduling

Our scheduling needs

We coordinate around 300 employees worldwide with the aid of PlanningPME.
Previously, we were lacking a tool that could manage the scheduling coordination to enable the staff to access the scheduling that relates to them and their area of work.
It was necessary to optimise time; this led to a major scheduling and coordination effort as all the staff communicated individually between themselves.
Apart from this, we also needed a scheduling solution where several kinds of tasks could be displayed.

Management of worldwide operations

Our staff can consult their own rendez-vous every day and schedule our service technicians worldwide.
Furthermore, we can always see when and where other colleagues have been deployed. Jobs are quickly and easily scheduled and coordinated.