Bernina's success story

Scheduling uses for manufacturing

Bernina's success story

Company Overview

BERNINA Thailand Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of the BERNINA Textile Group in Switzerland.
The BERNINA Textile Group is a leading global manufacturer of sewing and embroidery machines. Core capabilities are the development, production, procurement and distribution of high-quality household sewing and embroidery systems. Our company mission is “ We are always at the beginning, never at the end ”.

Global manufacturing
Schedule uses:

Our scheduling needs

We would need the schedule for our shop floor control, since we have many machines to manage. We need software which is not too complicate and flexible to create and manage the queue on each machine.

Create the working schedule of each machine

We’re using PlanningPME to create the working schedule of each machine in our company, to schedule the queue on machine and hand-out paper as PME format to the shop floor. PlanningPME is simple and easy to work with.