Jaquet S.A's success story

How to optimize the schedule of technicians of the after-sales service of construction machinery

Jaquet S.A's success story

Company Overview

Jaquet SA is a large manufacturing company with 100 employees. Our activity consists of steel construction, trade in construction machinery, cranes and prefabricated modules. The creation of its Conthey and Satigny subsidiaries makes it possible to offer users of construction machinery an after-sales service. proximity provided by technicians, mechanics and crane fitters able to intervene quickly and efficiently.

Manufacture of steel construction, trade of construction machinery, cranes and prefabricated modules
Schedule uses:
Staff Management, Appointment Management, Schedule Management

Our scheduling needs

Before using PlanningPME, schedules were managed in Excel , but the management became a bit too heavy on a daily basis.

Appointment management and simplified service

We used PlanningPME software because Excel no longer met our expectations in terms of planning.
PlanningPME now allows us to manage our service team. Our use of the schedule is facilitated by staff management tools, appointments and schedules management .