PlanningPME is a comprehensive planning tool that will help you optimise daily management of your resources, customers, training sessions, projects or any other scheduling needs. Here are some of the available features: from filters to different views and even reports and notifications, your schedule will become your best ally!

Day-to-day planning views
Visualize at any time your company planning due to various detailed views: daily, weekly, monthly, annual schedules, and calendar view.
The intuitive planning software PlanningPME can be handled quickly and efficiently: schedule your appointments and vacations in a few clicks. Save time due to features like drag an drop, copy/paste, recurring bookings.
Departments management
Define your company departments to improve visibility. Filter the schedule by department, give users specific access to one or several departments.
Optimize your resources workload (employees and facilities) thanks to real-time indicators.
e-mail and notifications
Several kinds of notifications are available: e-mailing to resources when a task is assigned to them, task reminder notifications directly on the planning, task notification using dots.
Vacations and days off
Plan vacations and other unavailabilities easily: Know at any time the number of days off per employee, be notified of your staff vacations so you can forecast peak periods.
Print any kind of report. Depending on the platform you’re using, you can print various views, such as daily, weekly, monthly, yearly graphic planning, or operational planning per resource, client, task and so on.
Data import/export - API
In order to avoid typos and be more efficient, you can import any kind of information into your planning. Our planning software not only includes import and export functionnalities, but also enables you to integrate data from other ERPs by using specific scripts.
User rights
Set up specific access rights per user in order to restrict the persmission on your planning: some resources will only be allowed to create tasks and unavailabilities, others might only be allowed to view one or several services. Managing access rights also allows a better monitoring of your scheduling: this allows you to know which user made which changes to your planning.
History and follow up
Access history of tasks and event on the planning: this enables you to find out which user created, changed or deleted a task. Depending on the options activated in your planning, you can also access the history of any task completed for a client, project or resource.
Recurrent bookings
Manage recurrent tasks at a glance : weekly appointments, monthly meetings or annual contracts.
A universal access (Software, Web, Mobile)
Access our scheduling software from anywhere from different platforms: via the desktop scheduling software installed locally on your computer or via any web browser or mobile and tablets applications (Iphone, Ipad or Android).
Apply filters on your planning to extract the most relevant information: display resources from a specific service, filter tasks depending on their categories, display an “agenda” or “list” view or filter the planning view to display a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly timetable.
Human and/or material resources
Manage your human resources (employees, administrative staff, technicians, trainers, security officers, medical staff…) and your material resources (meeting rooms, company cars, shared equipments…). Create individual records for each resource, specifying his/her weekly time profile, his/her work contract, his/her skills and any other personal information.
Customer management
Manage your own client database with our scheduling tool. Access the detailed record for each customer and check the history of scheduled events anytime. Optimize your productivity by e-mailing meeting requests confirmation to your client.
Project management
Optimize your project management: our easy to use and efficient project management tool will help you ensure a better follow up and improve team working efficiency. Most popular functionalities of our management tools include project view, filters, reports and workloads as well as Gantt charts.
Skill management
Qualify your human resources by assigning them skills according to specific skill domains. Assign resources to tasks requiring skills that are specific to each employee. Look for the availability of a resource with the required skills for a given task.
Reports and statistics
Many kinds of reports can be generated: number of hours worked per resource on a weekly or monthly basis, number of days off per employee and so on. Any information can be exported to Excel pivot tables, allowing the generation of custom report templates.
Schedule customization
Schedules are fully customizable: set data specific to your own business needs, display only planning information relevant to you and select colors of your choice.
Planning conflicts management
When several planners are planning the same resources at the same time it is hard to avoid scheduling conflicts. With PlanningPME it is possible to check for the availability of any resource by displaying a warning on the scheduling area if a resource is already busy with another task.