Garage Reda's success story

Centralise information within the planning tool to optimise customer bookings and monitor vehicle repair.

Smedar's success story

Company Overview

Leader in The Grenoble area, Reda automobiles is a garage network covering six sites with more than 150 employees. We offer several important types of service, from simple second hand sales to more complex mechanical and bodywork repairs. Customer satisfaction is what drives us.

Vehicle sector
Schedule uses:
Meeting planning, operation planning

Our scheduling needs

With the rapid growth of our company and our human resources, we could no longer manage the planning of our repair shop. Indeed, loss of information and decentralisation of data was leading to a loss of productivity.
It is in this context that PlanningPME imposed itself naturally and allowed a more fluid management of data .

Organising meetings and monitoring repairs with the planning tool

PlanningPME makes it possible for our partners to centralise information. The workshop managers have both short and long-term visibility when assigning tasks to workers.
We can now manage deadlines, analyse our performances and dematerialise data. Also, PlanningPME responds to the needs of administrative personnel by managing meetings, in-home services for conveyors and consultation of
repair histories.