How can I create a PlanningPME account, and why?

What is the PlanningPME account?

The PlanningPME account is a user account that gives access to the various services offered by Target Skills via a unique address and password. For example, you can have direct access to PlanningPME Web Access.
This permanent connection allows you to easily switch from one service to another whatever medium you’re using: PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet.

How do I create an account?

    1 - With the URL directly :

    2 - With the email you received inviting you to join a schedule

How do I log into the account?

    1 - With any website page by clicking on the login link

How do I log into the account?

    2 - With the URL directly :

Accessing your PlanningPME account

Presentation of the interface

Online servicesOnline services

Online services

InformationsAccess License Information or Contact Us

Accept the invitation and join the serviceAccept the invitation and join the service

Launch the user scheduleLaunch the user schedule

... Manage access keys to the API/ Remove this service from my account

Create a new trial online scheduleCreate a new trial online schedule

How do I subscribe?

Very simply, click on the "i" icon to contact us and ask to turn your test schedule into a subscription.

My profileMy profile

From your profile you can enter your personal data as well as:

•Change your password

•Change your email address

•Delete your account

•Log out

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