Formatic's success story

How to improve the management of the trainers' agenda according to the availability of everyone?

Formatic's success story

Company Overview

Formatic Bordeaux is an existing limited company since 1996. It specializes in the field of computer and office training. We work in the field of development because we have expertise on the Office suite and other software. Formatic is located in Mérignac (33700). It has 6 classrooms, kitchen, break room on a surface of 400 m˛. Parking and restaurant, are available to guests. Formatic can also move its animators into the client company. It radiates throughout the South West of France and can, thanks to its network propose solutions, all over the territory.

Training Center
Schedule uses:
Training Management

Our scheduling needs

Before owning the PlanningPME software, Formatic had an empirical and impractical planning. The facilitators were unable to know their internship schedule outside the company. Formatic did not have a planning solution on the internet .

Manage training sessions and alert your employees

Formatic has 4 PlanningPME licenses and Web Access access. Our coordinator schedules internships daily. She is responsible for piloting the schedule and resources. The commercial and myself can consult, modify sessions if necessary. Finally, our facilitators can consult, on the web, the sessions for which they are assigned.