AC Sistemi's success story

Plan customer interventions and meeting room reservations

AC Sistemi's success story

Company Overview

We are a company that for 30 years has been following the professional IT market, offering solutions vertical and integrated to provide customers with a global solution to do their own work. We are divided into 4 main categories: Notaries, Lawyers, Accountants, Labor Consultants, providing them with WKI software and accompanying them in the creation of the platform on which to run the software from the design of the network, to the installation of servers and all that may be necessary to manage a professional studio in a high-performance and safe manner. In this context, we offer support services on applications and on hardware and software systems.

IT consulting and services
Schedule uses:
plan customer interventions, shared resource management, meeting rooms, corporate equipment, real-time schedule changes

Our scheduling needs

As a company that provides IT support and installation services, one of our core components of our work was response schedule interventions and human resource management.
Another requirement was to plan (reserve) the use of shared resources such as the meeting room, the training room, the video projector, the company car, and so on. The schedule management must however be carried out at different levels by several people and must to be able to be consulted even off-site without the use of specific applications.
To summarize our needs were:
- plan work, interventions, requirements, holidays, etc.
- manage human resources
- manage the use of shared resources
- enable management of planning at different levels according to responsibilities - allow the visibility of the planning at different levels (user, team leader, manager, director, etc.)
- allow access to the planning from outside the site, via the web.
We tried with the classic shared calendars, but when the resources are so many, you can not get a complete picture of the situation .With PlanningPME I managed to solve all primary management and planning needs. Now, with a single screen, I can get a complete picture of the situation of technicians and shared resources. At a glance, I can identify who is assigned to a task and what is the first available day for someone to complete an activity. When planning holidays, schedule inconsistencies are immediately highlighted. I have defined who can manage the schedule and at what level : for example technicians can set appointments (interventions, facilities, etc.), but not unavailabilities (types of leaves, holidays, etc.) that can only be managed by the department head

Real time management of resources and intervention time

As mentioned above, PlanningPME has replaced, in our company, another planning program that was not multi-user and not visible via the web and was not directly available to interested peoples. With PlanningPME, we are now managing the resources and time available, and all the technicians are in control. Currently, we have 14 human resources who receive work orders directly from the planning. The standard also consults the schedule and immediately controls the assignment of technicians and can better manage customer requests. Moreover, with the printing, the filters and the Excel export, it is possible to extract useful data for the administration or the management of the employees. At this time, we have not yet linked the database Customer, but in the future we will be able to create an integration between the management software, the ticketing program and PlanningPME in order to have an even more precise and integrated image of the status of the resources and activities. Similarly, we will try to integrate the mail program when we will switch to Exchange Online.