Create a room scheduling

Room scheduling

Manage your room occupation and find available rooms easily

Access the planning wherever you might be

Room scheduling

Book your rooms, facilities and equipments in just some clicks. Thanks to a visual and graphical interface, follow your rooms occupancy and schedule your meetings and conferences easily avoiding double bookings thanks to warnings. Activate some reminders in order to confirm reservations and make statistics and reports on hours and type of bookings.

How to improve the planning management of your rooms?


Human and/or material resources

e-mail and notifications

Recurrent bookings

User rights

Manage all kind of rooms and associated material

Fed up with your current spreadsheet that opens slowly and can not be opened by several users at the same time? PlanningPME allows you to manage all types of rooms as well as the use of equipment, resources and also equipment available for a particular room. A few clicks are enough to manage one or more rooms to organize a meeting, a training or an appointment, by defining specific time slots.Try out our visual and user-friendly room scheduling software.

Via a single interface, share the planning software with all your colleagues and find out rapidly who booked a room, for which purpose and for which duration.

Several views of the schedule are available allowing a detailed or global view of the room occupancy. You can change the display of the time period on the screen, to switch from a daily view to a monthly view of room reservations, for example. You can also create a room reservation, edit it, or delete it very quickly. Practical features indicate conflicts in the schedule if, for example, a room or a resource is not available at the desired time.

Thanks to the filters function, you can filter the schedule data to display only the reservations linked to a customer, or a type of service performed such as a seminar. Regarding the history, all the events are kept in the schedule in order to be able to access the detail of the previous reservations of a customer or a room if need.

Our business is active in adult and professional training, we manage 80 lecturer colleagues and 15 classrooms with PlanningPME. We also carry out training at our clients' sites and we have found PlanningPME to be a good way of managing our sessions. After several months' research, we chose PlanningPME because it met the majority of our needs and our moderate budget. We are happy to testify to the excellent way this software matches our needs. The installation was very easy and the software met our expectations perfectly.
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Christian C., Director

Association Bâtiment IV

Association Bâtiment IV

The Association Bâtiment IV uses PlanningPME to manage the organisation of cultural events

Federación Abreu

Federación Abreu

Our client Federación Abreu manages the activities of a group of 23 associations