Diseņos NT's success story

Optimize customer order management and manufacturing processes

Diseņos NT's success story

Company Overview

Diseņos NT is the first Spanish manufacturer of personalized reusable bags and covers, European leader and reference in the promotional packaging sector. In addition to the range of promotional bags, Diseņos NT has 3 new product lines: single-use non-woven tablecloths; disposable sanitary items; and garment covers.
The company has more than 28 years of experience in the sector and its great competitive advantage lies in its integrated production system, flexibility, unique offer and quick response to its customers' needs. Certified quality, protection and respect for the environment, as well as social development are an integral part of its business model.
This commitment is reflected in its circular economy system that converts the waste generated into new resources, extending the useful life of materials and manufacturing bags and other non-woven fabric items with 50-70% recycled materials.

Manufacturing / Packaging
Schedule uses:
project management, personnel management, scheduling

Our scheduling needs

The growing demand for sustainable packaging solutions such as reusable bags, accompanied by an unprecedented increase in orders for disposable sanitary hygiene products, led to the need to launch a new planning department to deal with this complex situation.
Once the department was organized and structured, a tool was sought to help us organize resources, both material and human.
After a trial period, we finally opted for PlanningPME, as it combined versatility, ease of use and a very visual interface.

Customer order management and production planning

Diseņos NT is part of an optimized integrated production ecosystem supported by excellent internal planning. This is due in part to the tools used by the company, among them PlanningPME.
This software allows us to organize the different work lines of the company. Once our customers have confirmed their orders, they are integrated into the tool, allowing us to see the availability of machine hours and thus allocate human resources more efficiently