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Effective personnel and employee management is an essential strategic element for any business, large or small. The organization of staff planning can be complex, with many variables to take into account, such as leave requests, understaffing management or recurring tasks. The use of personnel scheduling software improves the efficiency of HR processes, strengthens communication, optimizes human resources management and enables more informed decision-making, which is essential for the growth and success of a company.

Benefits of personnel management software

Don’t waste any more time doing your schedule on paper or Excel! Increase efficiency and optimize human resources management with personnel management software. Whether it is the software version (Windows compatible) or the online scheduling application (Mac compatible), PlanningPME allows you to simplify work organization and improve productivity within your company. The use of employee scheduling software has several important advantages, regardless of your sector of activity (industry, commerce, administration, services, BTP etc.).

Save time
Reduction of errors
Improving collaborative work
Workload optimization
Flexibility and better visibility
Employee and team planning software
Employee and team planning software

Planning of working hours

Scheduling hours within the constraints of each employee is a challenge for any planner. PlanningPME simplifies the management of working hours through the creation of hourly profiles per employee and the efficient management of work tours. It takes just a few clicks to create periodic schedules for the week, month or entire year. This flexibility makes it easy to adjust schedules when needed.

Model for Calculating Working Hours

Time management

Managing employee time and activities

Staff planning optimizes workload and distributes tasks and activities fairly. With a real-time business overview and leading performance indicators, managers can quickly adjust resource allocation based on individual employee skills andavailability. This makes it possible to be more responsive and improve productivity.

Overtime Calculation Model

time management

Leave and absence planning

The management of days off and absences is simplified. Employees can submit leave requests and have visibility into their scheduled hours of work. For his part, the planner can anticipate and react quickly by identifying understaffing or team availability problems. Number of paid holidays, individual meter per employee, sick leave: information is stored within the schedule to avoid human error and possible conflicts of schedules.

Absenteeism Rate Model

Leaves tracking software

Team and access management

PlanningPME allows you to manage schedules for all teams and departments in your company. It provides better visibility through a real-time overview of what is happening and facilitates decision-making. Some of the key features include: :

  • Use of filters by department for accurate visualization of activities (technical, sales, etc...)
  • Assignment of specific rights according to the role of the user: (manager, team leader, HR manager, IT manager, technician etc...)

User access management

Communication and dissemination of planning

The scheduling of all events such as appointments, meetings, holidays, training or interventions, for example, is managed within a single employee management software which allows a more consistent management of personnel. Some features offer significant benefits to streamline communication, improve internal management and optimize costs:

  • Planning networking : allows to invite users and share information with all employees.
  • Sending emails and automatic notifications : allows staff to be informed in real time of changes to the schedule.
  • Integration with other systems : allows smooth synchronization of data with other software used in the company.
  • Dashboards and analytics : allows to export all the data of the software to analyze your performance and realize your reports and pivot tables with Excel.

Reports and statistics

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Communauté d'Agglomération d'Evry Centre Essonne

Communauté d'Agglomération d'Evry Centre Essonne

Here is how the Communauté d'Agglomération Evry Centre Essonne optimises the planning of its staff

GF Machining Solution

GF Machining Solution

For GF Machining Solutions, tracking and sharing staff schedules is essential

Lambert Tranports

Lambert Tranports

Lambert Transports manages the planning of drivers and the allocation of vehicles



Unista uses PlanningPME to manage the planning of its resources in the robotics industry
We are satisfied with this software: it is simple to use, and has generally met our needs (managing work stations in the library), it provides a daily overview of all staff calendars, it allows simple modifications of the work station schedules. It provides the benefit of allowing the creation of HTML pages visible on the library's site, and thus the staff know at any time where they should be and who will replace them at the work station.
Isabelle D.

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Save time with an easy-to-use and graphical employee scheduling software

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The cost of staff scheduling software can vary depending on features, company size and vendor, but generally it can range from a few dozen to a few hundred euros per month.

To manage employee scheduling online, opt for a shared scheduling solution with the web version of PlanningPME that allows employees to view, update and exchange availabilities in real time.

To make employee scheduling easy, use staff scheduling software with automation tools to assign schedules, identify staff needs based on business activity, manage leave and overtime efficiently.

You can use people management tools such as online scheduling software such as PlanningPME to create, share and update employee schedules. Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to create basic schedules, or Human Resource Management (HRM) software for more advanced functionalities.

Staff scheduling software automates repetitive tasks and saves time by entering data. It has features specifically designed for managing schedules, human resources and skills, improving employee sharing and overall management.