Proactif's success story

How to improve the management of trainings and courses with your customers?

Proactif's success story

Company Overview

Proactif supports you in the areas of training, consulting and project management since 1996. Based in Aigle, Switzerland. We operate throughout Europe. From personalized advice to corporate mediation or specialized training, we bring you tailor-made solutions in all areas of business management as well as individual follow-up. With a complete range of training, advice, audits and project management we offer Swiss Made quality in all our services.

With a team of 25 specialized collaborators and more than 60 external stakeholders, we are the preferred partner for your success.

Training, Consulting, Management Coaching, Languages and Computer Science
Schedule uses:
training schedule, leave and schedule management, staff planning, park management, facility and interventions management. Statistics by domain, task, resource etc

Our scheduling needs

We needed software that could meet the needs of our business to plan training, consulting and project management. None of those currently on the market are working really well for us. The planning was done on Excel, without satisfaction and with a lot of time and risk of errors. Our interventions and our courses, systematically adapted to a very varied clientele, require a very important flexibility and precise criteria.

Create dashboards through planning

PlanningPME is our main activity planning and hour management software for our stakeholders. Also, it allows us to generate the hourly statistics that are included in our cost accounting and in our dashboards and objectives throughout the year.