Challenge Bāt's success story

How to organize the schedule of your installers and interior work?

Challenge Bāt's success story

Company Overview

Building company for more than 15 years, we specialize in all interior work (plumbing, electricity, wall and floor coverings).   But we also master the installation of prefabricated kitchens and the layout of bathrooms (more than 40 000 kitchens installed since 1997).  

The company consists in an administrative platform, technical sales engineers and about forty installers.

Construction / Woodworking and pvc
Schedule uses:
site planning, facility management

Our scheduling needs

Since 2008, our company uses PlanningPME to manage the activities of more than 50 installers and more than 40,000 customers. Company dedicated to finishing work stages, Challenge Bat installs more than 300 kitchens a month and sets up hundreds of building sites for interior works. Without a careful organization, it would be impossible for us to manage all these activities and especially to synchronize them.
PlanningPME software is the single one that could enable us to set up this organization without having a surplus of manpower. Moreover, together with the responsive, dynamic and skilled Target Skills team, we were able to interface PlanningPME with our own software for commercial management and reporting, thus setting up an accessible package from any place connected to the internet.

Save valuable time by checking your schedule from your mobile!

Thanks to PlanningPME, we can know anytime with confidence what is happening in the company by checking our smartphones. Its user-friendliness and ease of use allow us to quickly train our administrative staff, or technicians who use it. In almost 5 years, we have never had any unresolved worries. It is with great peace of mind that we use and will continue to use PlanningPME for the years to come.