Lemanvisio's success story

It becomes child’s play to follow the progression of client projects and the deployed resources on the ground


Company Overview

Lémanvisio was founded in 2001 and is the Swiss leader in audiovisual integration. 40 employees have been involved on a daily basis over the last 20 years in carrying out your projects for every size of organisation, both in Switzerland and worldwide. DO YOU ALWAYS WANT TO HAVE THE BEST TOOLS AVAILABLE FOR SUCCESS? WE WILL PROVIDE YOU WITH GUIDANCE ON DESIGNING YOUR PROJECT ALL THE WAY THROUGH TO USER SUPPORT.
Lémanvisio is more than just your collaborative audiovisual solutions integrator, it is also your strategic partner to guide you through the process of transforming your workplace and your infrastructure. We work in partnership with the supplies of the most innovatory technology used to design, install and maintain audiovisual systems and environments that ensure your success. SKILLS • Needs analysis and bespoke accompaniment in our design office
. • Selection of high-performing, intuitive products from certified partners
• Design and uniformity of the solutions installed in Switzerland and worldwide
• Helpdesk with a dedicated number, Global Support 24/7 & Field Services on site
• Rental of equipment for events and assistance on demand
• Pioneer and Swiss leader Suisse of the As A Service financial model

Lémanvisio, with its 780 clients and 1700 installations, is affiliated with the PSNI network which brings together the world’s best audiovisual integrators.

Audiovisual Integration, from design to After Sales Service
Schedule uses:
Scheduling of leave, operations, installation and time management

Our scheduling needs

Before there was shared use of PlanningPME, each department used its own scheduling system, frequently in the form of a spreadsheet that was not shared, and it was hard for the entire workforce to consult it.
It seemed to us to be vital to have a single optimised tool to schedule all departments. As our technical staff spends most of their time outside the company, it was also important d’ to have a mobile solution that allowed them to easily acquaint them with the different daily tasks to be carried out.

Daily use of the schedule

All of the tasks associated with our projects are scheduled and managed in real time by our project managers who have a shared view of the overall schedule, and hence can assign resources in an optimal way.
The reception can also access PlanningPME and so they are able to inform our clients directly about the assignment of a project or transfer requests if the person requested is absent.
We also display all absences, for holidays, sickness, etc. in PlanningPME for the entire workforce. Being able to visualise the situation by department is very useful for restricting the number of resources displayed and for improving readability on the screen.