Mitutoyo - Success story

Managing staff scheduling and assigning tasks in line with skills of the resources

Mitutoyo - Success story

Company Overview

Mitutoyo is committed to training and ensuring that junior staff are perfect. One example of this is the school/company cooperation agreement with the Alexander von Humboldt High School in Neuss, against the background of a project run by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Mittlerer Niederrhein (Middle Lower Rhine). For many years now, Mitutoyo Deutschland GmbH has been supporting the Professional School of Technology and Information Technology (BTI) and the Laboratory for Measurement and Sensor Technology of the University of Applied Sciences in Constance. The company is also a member of the “Ausbildung Koordinatenmesstechnik e. V.” (AUKOM) with the aim of providing an equipment-neutral, modern, comprehensive training concept.

Manufacturing equipment
Schedule uses:
technician scheduling, absence management, skill management

Our scheduling needs

Previously, we used Microsoft Excel to manage our scheduling (until around 2012). However, growth in the number of staff and certain requirements made us opt for PlanningPME.
We had the following requirements:
Practical search function regarding the text and the type of work.
Automatic calculation of days of leave and days’ absent
Recording of employee skills

Managing service technicians’ scheduling

We use PlanningPME for three main reasons: to manage the scheduling of 50 service technicians in Germany, simultaneously managing several tools that are only available on a limited basis, and finally holiday planning for all the service staff.