Cometi's success story

What are the uses of planning in a company specializing in industrial boiler

Cometi's success story

Company Overview

COMETI is now one of the main actors in the industrial boiler market. COMETI has been offering a complete range of products and services for industrial enterprises for 30 years. From boiler equipment (tarpaulin, economiser…), industrial boilers, chimneys, boiler rentals, to complete installations.
We also ensure the maintenance of these with mobile technicians to make all the regulatory controls and possible repairs.   COMETI puts at your disposal all its expertise and advice to optimize energy production.
For 2 years we have also created the company COMETI SERVICES with technicians operating throughout France on medium and high power industrial burners.

Installation of industrial boiler rooms
Schedule uses:
Worksite planning, leave management, training schedule, facility planning, intervention planning

Our scheduling needs

We had to ensure the manufacturing schedule at the workshop, building sites as well and the year contracts and repairs with our customers and this while having an interconnection with our different business because on a turnkey project all are linked. At the same time the workshop, the pipefitters in the field and the technicians. So it was difficult to have visibility in real time.

Role of planning: check availability of technicians

We use PlanningPME as links between COMETI companies and COMETI SERVICES.
All company resources are on the same database so you can see the availability of each according to a planning site
We have 4 families grouping our resources:
- Boilermakers
- Pipefitters
- COMETI technicians

And each pole manager can manage the resources according to needs and availability.
Moreover the technicians have the mobile version on their phone allowing them in real time to consult their schedules.