Integrate your ERP with your planning

Your planning is easily integrated with Navision, the number 1 enterprise ERP software for SMEs.

Are you looking for a visual planning software to have a good overview of your work orders, resources and projects? Then, PlanningPME is the right planning solution for you. Indeed, via triggers, it is possible to synchronise work orders, resources, projects and customers one way or two ways direction. Fully customisable, PlanningPME allows to integrate even specific data from your Microsoft Dynamics Navision.

The planning integrated to your ERP is not flexible and does not allow easy work orders scheduling? PlanningPME can help you optimise your projects schedule and work orders assigning them to the right employee at the right time. With color coding and filtering by department, our planning tool PlanningPME will give you straight forward a good idea of the workload of your resources. With copy/paste, drag and drop and check for resources availability, create your work schedule rapidly and avoid scheduling mistakes.

Synchronise resources, customers and projects

PlanningPME can run on a SQL server database. Resources, customers and projects information can be synchronised via triggers or scripts. As it is possible to create additional fields in PlanningPME software, any specific information can be sent to the scheduler.

Synchronise work orders and allocate jobs to resources

Navision is always the master data. Indeed, work orders are first created within the ERP and then sent to PlanningPME on a “To plan” resource type listing all jobs to be allocated. The planners then drag and drop tasks to the right available and skilled resource on the planning board. Via triggers, the information is then updated back to NAV ERP and you can close the order. Triggers can be adapted to your needs depending on your expectations.

Principle of the integration with the ERP Navision

You will find below some printscreens that show the integration between PlanningPME and Navision.

ERP Navision Offerte
ERP Navision Project
ERP Navision Planning
ERP Navision Planning Excel

  • Filter resources by department to display one specific group of human or material resources
  • Allocate jobs to one or several resources
  • Change the status
  • Report hours on projects, customers and resources and optimise workload


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