Unista's success story

Organize human and material resources to carry out industrial machinery manufacturing projects

Unista's success story

Company Overview

Unista is a French company specialized in automation of complete production lines. As a designer and manufacturer of industrial machinery, we work on robotic solutions tailored to meet the needs of each company. Our goal is to offer simple solutions to complex problems. Our team accompanies you in all phases of your projects, from idea to commissioning and maintenance.

Schedule uses:
Building, leave management,staff management, facilities

Our scheduling needs

Our activity is geared towards business management. The respect of the deadlines is a primordial thing in our activity. On long projects, the project schedules must be kept up to date on a daily basis, to anticipate every event. This schedule should be visualized by all employees, anytime, anywhere.

Coordinate projects with our resources

PlanningPME allows us to manage projects and ressources in terms of planning. When the project is launched, the chronology of each task is filled in. Each service manager updates it on a daily basis.