Ludiq'Land's success story

How to improve the scheduling management of your employees and share information quickly?

Ludiq'Land's success story

Company Overview

LudiQ'Land is an indoor playground for children from 1 to 12 years old and their families. We have 2 establishments in Marseille and Plan de Campagne which are of an area of ??1600 and 1300m2.
We are thematized around the sea and the protection of the environment.

Leisure for children
Schedule uses:
leave management, training planning, park management, schedule management, intervention planning, staff planning

Our scheduling needs

We have 2 establishments and manage 10 full-time employees on permanent contracts and 20 part-time with fixed-term contracts. Before the acquisition of the PlanningPME software, we managed our Excel schedules and it was very complicated to have visibility on the week, the month or the year for each of our employees or for all of our employees simultaneously. Since we've been managing employee schedules with PlanningPME, we've saved a lot of time. We are able to display schedules for our employees and therefore to be consistent with the labor legislation.

An efficient and easily alterable planning tool

The use of the software is very simple. We have been trained and the people who are in charge of planning are not computer scientists! We connect to the software and adapt the schedule according to the activity, the needs and the presence of the staff in real time. The schedule can be updated constantly.