Share your calendar with PlanningPME

PlanningPME is the indispensable and very handy tool to manage and modify your schedule and the one of your employees on a daily basis. It allows you to work in a collaborative way and share your professional agendas with selected people.

Create your shared calendars

Depending on your needs, it is possible to create a new calendar shared with PlanningPME, for example when a new employee arrives in the company. Regarding the addition of a new event such as an appointment, this is done in just a few seconds, and you can select the person concerned by this mission.

Good event management is essential because it allows employees to visualize the schedule of work in the blink of an eye and to see the availability of the equipment in real time. The other advantage of the common agenda is that it can gather information in a single time-sharing job that is accessible to all. Users of PlanningPME view real-time changes, and through notifications notify employees as soon as a change takes place on their shared calendar, which greatly facilitates communication within the company or a team.

Shared Agenda

Want to manage customer appointments? With PlanningPME it's possible! Indeed, as soon as a new appointment is created, quickly choose which client you want to link to. This offers many possibilities because you can, for example, display appointments, or projects for a specific client, and thus monitor the progress of the mission. Need to know the appointment history for a customer? With PlanningPME, the details of the movements made to your client and the modifications made to the initial shared calendar are always stored. So you can see when the last maintenance operation took place, or who moved the date of the training day that you originally planned to another date.

Client appointments

Easily organize meetings

PlanningPME allows for example to manage the meetings of the collaborators in a few clicks. The strength of our tool is to be able to create a meeting, and to choose the people who will attend. Indeed, thanks to the availability search, quickly visualize who are the people available: a message is displayed and alerts you if ever a person is unavailable at a given moment. So, avoid planning conflicts. The other trick to plan faster is to use copy / paste to copy an event and assign it to another person.

Schedule a meeting

Regarding the personalization of the data to be displayed and the visual rendering, PlanningPME offers many possibilities. Choose the information you want to appear on the shared calendar such as the name of the client, the duration of the event or the location of the appointment. Also choose to view your current work week or move to the calendar to view a monthly view of the activity.

Work week schedule

Simplify the management of absences such as paid holidays, sick leave, or any other type of absence with the PlanningPME shared calendar. The advantage is to visualize in a snap who are the people present but also to anticipate absences in order to relocate the workload between the employees available within the company.

Events and absences

Your essential collaborative agenda

Using PlanningPME, no more problems with lost post-it notes or notes scribbled on a corner of the notebook that we can no longer find. All data is centralized and stored in one and the same tool that can be used by several people simultaneously. Collaborators can view, modify, or delete events based on the user rights defined by the administrator. So spread the agenda to as many people as possible and communicate effectively with all users. The sharing of calendars is therefore the ideal solution to save time and be more efficient regarding the management of the time on a daily basis!