Lambert Transports's success story

Simplified management of driver scheduling and vehicle allocation

Lambert Transports's success story

Company Overview

Family company created in 1991 by Mr. LAMBERT DIDIER, managed to this day by Mrs. LAMBERT Caroline (daughter). Our activities are the hiring of vehicle with driver (VUL-PL-SPL), the transport of general goods and since recently of the logistics in our new warehouse bought last September of a surface of 1500m2 of warehouse of storage. We currently have about twenty vehicles, from light to super heavy.

Transport and logistics
Schedule uses:
staff scheduling, leave management, fleet management

Our scheduling needs

We didn't have any planning software we were using Google Calendar which quickly became unsuitable for our request as we were asking for too many criteria / details.
We then looked for a transportation software but that was too expensive for us, so we refocused our search on a simple planning software with human and material resources and PlanningPME suits us very well for the moment.

Management of the driver's schedule and distribution of vehicles

We use it for our operating schedules, in "client" form and we create events with 1 human resource (driver) and 1 material resource (vehicle) per day. We manage the planning with the use of several colors also between our various activities to find ourselves more with color codes. I also use it to do my payroll preparation by simply filtering the human resources we have a global month view between the absence, leave planning, trainings, positions, etc... It is quite complete for a planning management.