Carrelage Geoffray's success story

How to manage the schedule of my employees when I'm traveling all day?

Carrelage Geoffray's success story

Company Overview

SARL GEOFFRAY CARRELAGE is a family business created in 1978. It is composed of 10 employees specialized in laying tiles. Our company is located in Ain.
We work with industrialists (offices, sports complexes, cloakrooms ...) and individuals (home renovation, bathroom, terrace ..)

Tile laying
Schedule uses:
Building projects, Leave, Interventions, Staff Scheduling

Our scheduling needs

We have several bulding projects per week, sometimes several building projects a day.
It had become very difficult to manage the differents projects planning at the level of the employees and their associated projects. With PlanningPME, it's a child's play. As soon as there is a building site to be allocated, it is enough to associate 1 or several employees to this one.
In addition, it is accessible from the office or from an iPad or smartphone, it is ideal for a business leader who travels all day.

Planning management in the office as well as outside

PlanningPME customer since 2017, I do my planning at the office from my desktop or during my business trips with my iPad. It's very easy to modify. I update it very regularly. I also use the function to manage absence or leave of the employees. Thus, the resources available for each site are indefeasible more easily.