Workflow automation and document management with Arxivar

Why integrating PlanningPME and Arxivar?

Many companies work with Arxivar. Thanks to its freely configurable workflow engine, this platform is able to carry out document management (DMS) and business process governance. The creation of an integrated planning and business management process makes daily work more agile and information more fluid and homogeneous.
The goal of this integration is to simplify staff planning while gaining responsiveness and productivity. How?
By creating a workflow that minimizes manual data entry in the creation of new jobs and guides resources in reporting activities.
In addition, the integration offers a control room, where you can monitor the progress of orders and activities in progress, accessing data and documents in a single shared web environment.

workflow Arxivar

Technical Benefits: a powerful Workflow engine

In addition to being able to exploit the document potential of ARXivar in building a digital archive, enjoying the advantages/benefits of relying on a powerful Workflow engine, integration with PME makes possible the entire management of company resources. In fact, information is shared in real time with collaborators and clients due to the possibility of sending e-mails and automated notifications.

The compilation of worksheets, daily time sheets, vacation requests, permits, etc... will be simplified and the data made immediately more easily usable and controllable. It will also be possible to consult the remaining vacations, the trainings carried out, the tasks and appointments of your employees, manage the working hours of your staff, the absences, or even the missions to be carried out.

Some other advantages at a glance:

  • Improved collaborative and remote work
  • Increased collaboration and guided authorization processes
  • Creation of a single shared digital archive that can be easily interrogated
  • Virtually unlimited dialogue possibilities with your business information systems and archives
  • Unlimited users without additional costs
  • Responsive web interface and dedicated, configurable layouts
  • Free Mobile App for iOs and Android available
  • Scalability of the system both in terms of the number of processes and the amount of information collected and managed

Architecture smart planning

How to connect planning data?

Integration takes place at process level, offering a user experience within a single working environment. The information arrives in the form of "Task/Activities" and their progress will be automatically available to all enabled company areas; the planning in PlanningPME can proceed as usual. Resources will receive a notification telling them which tasks they have to carry out, and monitoring of work progress will be guided by the final balance process that will report on what has been done at job level. The connection between the two systems is made through a connector developed ad hoc through which ARXivar accesses and reports all data in PlanningPME.

The activities in PlanningPME, regardless of their temporal duration (daily or multi-day) are intercepted on the basis of their "Status" and as events they act as engines of specific automatisms defined in the workflows (notifications, activity requests, automated emails, ...).

Qualitative advantages : Optimization, Organization, Efficiency

"When a company "runs poorly" you notice right away, when it runs well you don't.."

What are the minimum benefits we can expect?

The advantages mainly concern qualitative differentiation in the relationship with the customer: often getting organized is more difficult than it seems. Has it ever happened to you to allocate a resource to two activities, at the same time? Or inventing excuses to postpone appointments because you are overwhelmed by commitments?

These are all examples where our daily challenges shine through. That's why we thought that a better organization and greater efficiency are also distinctive elements for our customers.

PlanningPME - Arxivar

Agility and uniformity of work method

Everyone has their own working method and so it seems that the Company has "many" working methods, this is often not good. An agile working method, flexible but studied and applied in the various phases of the company processes, also means a greater transmission of knowledge (shadowing, ability to shape the system by virtue of the organizational method) among the collaborators who take turns in time.

I transform my workday

"I have tools and time to strategize."

Spending your time trying to collect activity data by asking your co-workers and colleagues is frustrating, very often for both: the person asking and the person having to answer.Predominantly this is due to poor integration between systems in use.
Through this integration, your time will go from difficult data collection to analysis and comparison.

Your working day will be transformed: organized processes, leveraging the system workflows you have configured, will transport information and make data easy to analyze because it is already homogeneous and related to each other.

Example screens: worflow and reporting

Arxivar Workflow

Arxivar - PowerBI


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