How to update PlanningPME?

Here is how to update PlanningPME

Mandatory steps to prepare the update

Before running the update:

  • Make sure you’ll be able to run the update on each computer in a given time frame
  • Close the application on all computers
  • Save a back up of your database

Download the update file

The update comes with no supplementary cost if you have subscribed to our silver or gold support contracts.
To run an update of our PlanningPME solutions, you should connect to our website to download the update file.
For any help or information, contact us

Install the update

The link that has been given to you leads to several files:

  • PlanningPME desktop : PlanningPMEMAJ.exe
  • PlanningPME Viewer : ppmeviewer.exe
  • PlanningPME Server version : ppmeserver.exe
  • PlanningPMEHTML : planningpmehtml.exe*

Select the one(s) matching your needs.
If PlanningPME is installed on individual user computers, you’ll have to run the update on each computer.
If PlanningPME is installed on a server only, you’ll have to run the update on the server.

Double click on the file matching the software to update and follow the steps on the screen to run the installation. Once the installation is over, you can use the software directly.

*Specific case:
to update PlanningPMEHTML, just copy/paste the new PlanningPMEHTML.exe file at the same location as the old one to replace it.