Licences management - Version Citrix or Terminal Server

Here is the process to register your licences PlanningPME under a Citrix or Terminal Server environment

In a server version, i.e. Citrix or Terminal Server environment, 1 PlanningPME license = 1 Windows user . The number of servers can not exceed the number of licenses purchased.

Licences management - Version Citrix or Terminal Server

Register the PlanningPME Server licence

Once the installation completed, launch the software. You must register each server as described below:

Step 1: Enter the Ids
From PlanningPME, go to the "File" -> "Identification" menu. Enter the login and password that have been communicated to you.
The login and the password are the same to register all your servers.

Step 2: Register your servers
Then, go to the menu « File » -> « Registration via Internet ».Go once more to « File » -> « Registration via Internet ». A window tells you that your licence has been registered.

Step 3: Register your licence on each server
Repeat step 2 on each server.

How to register users?

Each user must be registered. To register, just accept the licence contract agreement displayed while first opening the software:

If we click on "I accept", the licence will then be registered for this user. You will see the name of this user on the menu File -> Users management.

You will find in this menu different Window users that have a licence. The number of available licences will also be available at the top of this window (Here 1/20)

User switching and license management

You can manage your licences by yourselves

Menu File -> Users management
Tu change a licence / A user, go to the menu «File» -> «Users management». Select the user, right click and "Delete". You can remove one user per week. For more deletions, you can contact our support.