3v2's success story

Here's how to manage a weekly schedule and track staff turnover for an industrial cleaning company

3v2's success story

Company Overview

We work every day to become a reference for those looking for a reliable and demanding partner in terms of speed, professionalism, but above all quality in the field of civil and industrial cleaning. The 3V2 was created in 2006 as a cooperative, the fruit of the synergy between the power of innovation of young people and the experience of employees and leaders of the artisan company "La Trevigliese", a famous cleaning company. With skilled employees who work in banking institutions, companies, offices, shopping centers, apartments, etc ... we are active in the province of Bergamo and in some of the major capitals such as Lombardy Lodi, Cremona, Milan and Brescia.

Cleaning, hygiene and cleanliness
Schedule uses:
Cleaning service schedule - weekly schedule and daily schedule management

Our scheduling needs

For 3V2, the basic requirement was to find a program to plan and track different staffing assignments / staff schedule changes. Such a program would then allow the administration to optimally manage the work and the distribution of activities by client, but it would also allow a better organization of staff.

Weekly planning and daily management of work schedules

The product has become indispensable for the administration of the company 3V2 which dedicates itself every week to the planning of the work schedules and every day to the control of the hours and the modifications of planning rotations.
It is with great satisfaction that we can confirm that the PlanningPME software has completely solved the need initially identified by the company. It's a very intuitive program and visually well organized.