Cleaning scheduling software

Scheduling software for cleaning companies

Improve the organisation of your maintenance workers' recurring and one-off services

Are you a cleaning company, a multi-service company, a town hall, a local authority or a building manager? And do you need to distribute the daily workload of maintenance activities to be more efficient and optimise costs? Are you looking for an intuitive tool that allows you to plan services while respecting the constraints of employees and customers? Go ahead and join the many companies that use PlanningPME to optimise the management of their cleaning schedule!

In any company, choosing an effective and collaborative scheduling software is essential for improving the day-to-day time management and productivity. Just in case you are wondering: What is business scheduling software used for? Which software should I use for putting together my schedules? What would the benefits be for my company? You will very quickly see why you really need a schedule management tool such as PlanningPME.

Whether you are looking to manage staff absences and/or employee time, schedule meetings or project work, everything is provided to make organising your teams' schedule easier and to save you precious time.

Manage your cleaning teams remotely

Your employees are required to work according to your customers' requests and the management of schedules requires a high degree of flexibility. PlanningPME allows you to create schedules that adapt to your operation to save time and avoid errors. With our online scheduling solution, plan the rounds of your cleaning agents in the office or remotely, and follow the progress of the tasks at any time. Within the same schedule, manage in real time the availability of your employees and all the shared equipment (vehicles, machines, hoovers, scrubbers, etc.) and all the material necessary for your activity.

Weekly schedule
Weekly schedule

Manage all types of services

PlanningPME is a customisable planning tool that allows you to manage all types of tasks. You can therefore create your list of tasks according to your professional activity: industrial or on-site cleaning missions, services for private individuals, maintenance of common areas, office cleaning, floor maintenance, window cleaning, washing or even end-of-site cleaning. As you can see, everything can be configured as you wish! This is the tool you need to plan your cleaning services efficiently and gain in profitability.

List of services
List of services

Simplify the management of recurring tasks

Do you have recurring schedules? Do you provide certain services to your customers on a regular basis?
Save precious time by managing periodic tasks: from weekly cleaning of premises to monthly cleaning for less frequented places; here again you keep control! Assign a weekly, quarterly or annual recurrence to your services and gain visibility on provisional schedules.
Does your client want to postpone a service? No problem, in one click the service can be rescheduled and it's done!

Simplify the management of recurring tasks
Simplify the management of recurring tasks

Manage your customers instantly

For efficient schedule management, you can manage customers by type of contract or package and specify their preferences and specificities in their file: recurring services desired, use of certain hygiene products, possible allergies to chemical products, time preferences. Everything is stored in the schedule so that you can consult the history of services performed and your customers' information can be updated at any time.

collaborative schedules

Organise working hours and time

Do your employees have special working hours? Do you operate on a rotation basis? Do you manage several types of contracts (part-time, full-time, fixed-term, permanent, annualised)?
PlanningPME allows you to manage the time profiles of your resources, in order to respect the availability of employees and contributors and to plan their activities while respecting the constraints of days and schedules of each. You can also filter the data according to skills and abilities (qualifications, languages, driving licence, etc.), or geographical area.

Shift schedule

Manage leaves and absences

A sick employee? Leave requests or replacements to manage? It's up to us.
Manage all types of absences and customise your list as much as you like: sick leave, paid leave, maternity leave, authorised absence, time off, and many others. A counter of days taken allows you to follow the situation of each employee precisely and you can consult the history of events by person. Facilitate the management of leave requests thanks to the implementation of a workflow and automatic notifications.

time management

Simplify communication with notifications

Manage your teams with peace of mind and be alerted in real time thanks to notifications. A last minute change? A request for absence? A delayed service?
No need to worry, you can notify the employees and/or customers concerned by these changes automatically from PlanningPME. Whether it is automatic notifications by e-mail or SMS, you are free to choose the means of communication that suits you. Thanks to the notifications, you will never miss a change in your schedule and gain in efficiency and reactivity. Your customers will be delighted with your professionalism!

absence tracking

Edit your time reports and statistics

Thanks to the centralisation of scheduling data, create timesheets and generate your own analysis reports. You can print the schedule, share it, and extract all the data to Excel to perform your statistical analyses using pivot tables.
With PlanningPME, go even further and create clear and impactful reports in Excel. Get a precise view of your productivity, workload per employee or the number of hours worked with your customers so that you have all the information you need to make the right decisions and optimise your processes. One more step towards the success of your company!

Reports and statistics on Excel
Excel reports
Excel reports

They trust us

Through their testimonies, discover how our clients use PlanningPME on a daily basis to manage their cleaning and maintenance activities:

Mairie de Bagneux

Mairie de Bagneux

Bagneux Town Hall presents its organisation to easily manage the planning of agents in the town hall



At 3V2 Nettoyage, PlanningPME has become indispensable for managing staff rotations

Impec Nettoyage

Impec Nettoyage

At IMPEC Nettoyage, planning industrial cleaning jobs is now much easier


The use of a professional scheduling tool is a guarantee to improving organisation, productivity and profitability of your company thanks to an efficient management of employee schedules and an optimal follow-up of all cleaning and maintenance services.

Here is a list of the main benefits of cleaning software:

  1. Overview of all services
  2. Availability and leave management
  3. Creation of recurring tasks
  4. Editing of timesheet
  5. Multi-site workplaces
  6. Time saving and improved productivity
  7. Reactivity and maximisation of efficiency
  8. Time and energy saving
  9. Better communication between teams

Yes, it is possible to import all customers you wish to manage in your schedule from an Excel file, or directly from the software used within your company by using the API of PlanningPME.

Yes, you can try our scheduling software for 30 days free of charge and without obligation. Furthermore, you can contact us for a personalised demonstration.