Installation MySQL

Versions MySQL: 4.0 - 5.0

Download your installation kit: MY_SQL.ZIP

Server installation


  • Download and launch MySQL
  • MySQL


  • Download and execute the following scripts to create the database:

  • - Create tables and Insert in database :Script_MySQL_GB.sql

    - Create the user who has access to database

    Client installation


  • Installation Driver ODBC 3.51 MySQL

  • Execute the file :
    PlanningPME-32bits-MySQL-ODBC.reg or PlanningPME-64bits-MySQL-ODBC.reg

       Then, modify the string "Base" in the registry and precise the name or IP address of your server, the name of your database, the user and password:

    - "Base"="Provider=MSDASQL;DRIVER={MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver};Server=name or IP address of your server;Port=3306;Option=16384;Stmt=;Database=name of your database;Uid=user;Pwd=password"

       --> If your database is installed in english, you must execute:
    US_32bits.REG or US_64bits.REG