Integration PlanningPME and Mamut

Increasing need for planning software to visualize the information from Navision

Many companies work with MAMUT ERP solutions. Nevertheless, the planning visualization is not accurate and you need to have a good overview of the jobs in order to assign right resource at the right job..

Principle of the integration with the ERP Mamut

In order to assist you in avoiding scheduling mistakes, PlanningPME provides you an easy-to-use resource planning software that can be adjusted to your MAMUT system.

1st phase: Associate the different fields between Mamut and PlanningPME

2nd phase: Assign Jobs to the right resource on the planning board

3rd phase: Update Orders in Mamut

Advantages taken from implementing the planning software and Mamut

  • Save time
  • Clear overview of the jobs
  • Multi-resources tasks
  • Task category
  • Assign resource(s)

Business Partner Mamut

 MBS Nederland bv
Camplaan 24
2101 GX Heemstede
: +31(0)653532478
Fax : +31(0)847-403038


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