Healthcare scheduling software

Schedule appointments of your medical staff via a visual scheduler

The care-givers in the company, who work with multiple employers, regularly inform us of their availability. 3 administrative staff are assigned to the scheduling. They manage all the care-givers' schedules. They draw up a calendar for each new mission and send it to each care-giver.
Herbaut J.-L., CEO
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 Healthcare scheduling software

Home care can be taken on a large scale as it englobes both health care and non-medical care: so you can manage cares such as those provided by licensed personnel such as nurses, doctors but also cleaning employees, gardeners and any personel that perform home jobs. Follow the tasks done by each client.

Some advantages of the Healthcare scheduling software


Planning conflicts management

Recurrent bookings

History and follow up

Reports and statistics

In need for an easy to use and efficient planning tool to manage efficiently your people healthcare activity?

With our planning services you can manage hours done per employee and client in all simplicity. In a flash you can visualize the absences of employees and search for qualified person. Thanks to our healthcare planning software you can plan and modify the interventions by your beneficiaries anytime. Because your activity requires you to be very responsive, an efficient agenda management is daily constraint.

With PlanningPME you will miss no more intervention and avoid conflict issues in the planning thanks to availability check for a human resource or material. Furthermore, the networking of the planning grants employees access to the planning in real time and people concerned by even the slightest change in the schedule are warned either with an e-mail or a notification.

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