Task list

An event is a mission, a work item to be completed by a person, the booking of a resource, or the occupation of a resource for a period of time: training, meetings, intervention, working times, etc.

Personalising task lists

The task list can be personalised according to how you use the planning tool, using the menu “Data” Menu Data-> "Task".

Personalising task lists

The menu will contain all the labels/names that you have created. To add a new label, click on “Add”. Enter the new label name and choose the colours for the text and the background and confirm by clicking on OK. To rename a task, click on the name label and give the task its new name. To delete a task, tick the label and click on “Delete”.

Choose the Type button on “Duration” or “Time-period”
“Duration”: Choose the default time to complete the task.
“Time period”: Choose the start and end times for the task.
Subsequently, when an event is created using this task label, the duration parameters will apply.

How to assign skills to your tasks

See the chapter on Skills management

Filter planning by task type

To extract specific tasks from the schedule, you may use the “Tasks” filter to be found at the top of the screen.

See the chapter on Scheduling filters.